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Youth Group at Suburban


Our Youth Group is for youth in Years 5 to 10. We meet each Sunday morning and work off a three week rotation. For the first two weeks the team meets with the youth while the service is happening and they hang out, build relationships, play games, and learn about Jesus. On the third week the youth sit in the service all together and the team use this as an opportunity to teach the youth about what happens during a service.

Suburban Youth is a gospel loving community for young people. 

Learn about the gospel, be challenged by God’s word, be encouraged by other people living this life, form deep relationships, be mentored by great leaders, have a lot of silly fun and laugh/groan at some terrible jokes.  

We welcome you with smiles, open arms and lots of love. Come and join us, and make it your community.


Join our community…give feedback…ask a question…we would love to hear from you!