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Sojourners Church

Sojourners Church

On the name

Australia is a country made up of many different peoples. We are all from "somewhere," or can trace our ancestry back to another place.

Australia is a land of sojourners—people who are from another place; people who are travellers; people who are passing through.

The Bible often describes God’s people as sojourners too. The patriarchs sojourned in other lands, as did the nation of Israel and the exiles. Peter refers to the New Testament Church as “sojourners and exiles” (1 Peter 2:11).

The biblical concept of sojourning represents a deeper reality: God’s people are passing through this world and will find ultimate rest in an eternal home.

People in the western suburbs of Melbourne are restless. They are living for the next holiday, the place down the coast where they can finally relax, or the aspirational jump up the social ladder. But for most, the dream is always out of reach, or is unfulfilling when attained. 

We are sojourners or wanderers who don’t know where our true home is.  Our wandering hearts are desperately in need of rest, a rest we will only truly find in Jesus.

The name of the church plant is Sojourners Church, and our motto statement is, “Wandering hearts finding rest in Jesus.”


Our grand vision is like that of many Churches in Melbourne: to reach the city with the good news of Jesus, and to build up the local Church.  

So why Wyndham—a municipality in Melbourne's West?  

Wyndham is exploding, and is forecasted to grow to 435,832 by 2036. The local Churches haven't kept up. Currently, the Wyndham Churches Network lists 16 churches. If no churches are planted by 2036, that's one Church for every 27,000 people. This is not even enough churches for professing Christians, let alone the broader community. The Western suburbs don't need a single Church plant, they need a Church planting movement.


Chirnside by the River

Launch date

7th of July

A bit about us

One of the unique aspects of our planting plan is to do team ministry. We have been friends since primary school, and have been doing ministry with each other for nearly as long. We have contrasting and complementary gifts that we think will benefit the Church. Most significantly, we want to continue to use our current networks for evangelism, community engagement and further training.

Andrew Seedhom


Andrew has been a chaplain at Heathdale Christian College since 2011. He has been involved in Church ministry since his teens, and has always had a heart for the West. Andrew has completed a BHSc, and an MDiv at Ridley College. He's a people person, who loves shepherding and edifying God's people.  



Mark Tibben

Mark has been working at Suburban Baptist Church for the last four years in a variety of roles, including Young Adults and executive admin. He has completed a BA at Monash, MDiv & GDip at Ridley College. If Andrew is more of the "vine guy", Mark is more of the "trellis guy". He thinks structurally and strategically about ministry.