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Kids Crew Sunday

Kids Crew Sunday

A program for kids from four year old kinder-grade four to learn about the Bible in a fun and engaging way.

Kids Crew runs every Sunday during the school term for the second half of the service while the sermon/teaching time is happening. Kids gather in the foyer of the church building. Kids Crew is run by several volunteer teams who all have working with children’s checks and who are committed to loving and teaching the kids who attend each week. 

Kid's Crew Sunday Curriculum

In 2019 Term 1, Kids Crew Sunday Kinder-Prep group are looking at God's Promises and the grade 1-4 group will be exploring the Parables.

Term 1 Calendar

Date Kinder-Prep Grade 1-4
Feb-03 The Very Good Beginning The Salt of the Earth
Feb-10 A Very Sad Day The Two Gates
Feb-17 Review Wise and Foolish Builders
Feb-24 Life Outside the Garden The Four Soils
Mar-03 God's Big Promise The Hidden Treasure and the Pearl
Mar-10 Review Mustard Seed
Mar-17 God's People Grow The Unforgiving Servant
Mar-24 God's People Become Great The Ten Talents
Apr-07 School Holidays School Holidays
Apr-14 School Holidays School Holidays
Apr-21 School Holidays School Holidays
Apr-28 We're back! We're back!