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The Gospel Nativity

6/12/2017 - Pastor Tim

Hi Everyone!

Let me take this opportunity to remind you of our series for the next few weeks on John chapter 1, The Word Became Flesh. Our goal is put the Christmas season into a theological and gospel context over these four weeks. This past Sunday we looked at the first 3 verses of the text, and spoke about the Pre-existence, the Presence, the Pre-eminence and the Power of the “Logos” who is Jesus Christ.

We often think of the Christmas story as a cute baby, placed in a manger and born in a stable in Bethlehem, a small town outside of Jerusalem. While all of that is true it is so much more than that, as it involves the culmination of the plan of the God of the universe to reconcile man back to himself after sin had broken our relationship with Him. One theologian put it this way, “Many people have sought to be God, but only one God has sought to be man.” That explains in brief what the passage in John 1 is really all about, God coming down to earth to redeem mankind!

As you contemplate the truth of the Incarnation, God becoming a man, it is vital to try and grasp what that meant for Christ but also what it means for us. Christ left His position as the Prince of heaven, where He is co-equal with the Father and the Spirit, and humbled Himself by coming to earth so that He could be born, live and die for the sin of mankind. (Philippians 2:1-11) That birth was accomplished through a young virgin girl, who supernaturally conceived and brought the Son of God into the world. These events happened in very humble, lowly circumstances which was the opposite of what you would expect for the king of heaven. That is a beautiful story which will be told again and again over this Christmas season.

My encouragement to you all today is to tell the story from a Gospel focussed perspective. Mankind was the direct recipient of God’s gift of His Son to the earth. Through His birth, life, death and resurrection, we received the opportunity to become sons and daughters of God if we believe on His name. (Romans 6:23) Even though the world doesn’t have this season quite right, it is a precious time for believers all over the world to celebrate God’s great gift to us! As we said on Sunday, when you look down at the manger remember to also lift up your eyes and see Jesus, the King of Kings who came to save us! I trust that you are having a great gospel week, as we enjoy this season together.


God Bless You,

Pastor Tim

PS. For further reading…I have attached a copy of the family devotional readings that I gave out on Sunday. Have fun exploring the Word!

Family Devotional Readings - John 1