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Lights of the World

20/12/17 - Pastor Tim

Merry Christmas Church!

Have you ever looked at Google Earth? What a cool way to look at the world! Technology today allows us to have a perspective on the world that is unprecedented in history; but does it give us a better spiritual perspective? I would say the answer to that question is yes… and no! Yes it can help us to understand the scope of the world’s population, and where all of the people are who need to be reached. It can also be helpful in giving us demographic information about people’s beliefs and spiritual interests, but it cannot see into people’s hearts and let us know where they have been blinded by the darkness of the god of this world. The only thing that is capable of lifting that blindness is the ‘Light of the World’!

In John 1 we read that the Light, the Lord Jesus, has come into the world and this is what we celebrate at Christmas time! He came to bring light to every person who lives on this earth, and the only thing stopping the whole world from being taken from the darkness into the light is a refusal to believe and receive Him as The Light. When you look at the Google Earth photo at night you will see that there are vast sections of Australia which are without light. If we were to take a ‘spiritual’ photo of the darkness and light contrast, I’m sure we would see a similar problem to what existed in Jesus' day, people who did not recognise The Light so they didn’t receive Him, and people who knew Him but refused to believe or receive Him. John makes it clear that Jesus was rejected by some in His day, and that rejection continues to be a problem today as people refuse to acknowledge Him. But I’m happy to tell you that there is good news!    

When The Light came into the world, He gave those who believe in Him the right to become sons and daughters of God! We can be born again, a new person, as we receive what Christ has done for us through His death. Also, as we go out armed with this amazing truth, we can help to turn the light ON in people’s hearts as they hear the gospel and believe in Christ!

I wonder what a ‘Spiritual Google Earth’ would show us? My guess is that we would see more light than we think, but still more darkness than we would hope. Please remember as children of the new birth, we have a challenge from our Lord to be the light of the world in the darkness.

Shine your light at Christmas this year!


Blessings and Merry Christmas!

Pastor Tim

PS. For further reading…I have attached a copy of the 3rd week of family devotional readings that I gave out on Sunday. See you on Christmas Eve!

Family Devotional Readings - John 1 Week 3