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Gospel Motivated Finance

22/11/17 - Pastor Tim Loftis

Hi Suburban,

Pastor Tim here, I trust you are all doing well and loving the Lord with your whole heart this week. For those of you who were at the service on Sunday morning you already know what we presented about our financial situation going into 2018. As a reminder of that and for those who were away, we presented the current budget shortfall in our giving for 2017, and reported that the elders were bringing a conservative 2018 budget to the members for approval at the QBM. This will keep us at the same level that we were this year, which is the responsible thing to do based on current giving trends. While the members are the ones who vote on those decisions, it is the whole congregation who funds the ministry through our giving. So we are all responsible for the finances as a part of the church body, and moving forward we are the ones who can make a difference. I believe what I said on Sunday, ‘The resources to do God’s work are already in His Church…and we are the church!’.

The challenge for every person and family at Suburban, is to pray and assess what we are doing presently in our giving to the church. The goal is to increase our giving and subsequently our budget so that we can move forward with the vision that God has given us. That vision involves our building redevelopment, the church plant in 2019, increasing our missions program and expanding our current ministries to meet the growing needs of our congregation. Expanding the current ministries involves more staff hours as well as bringing our staff up to appropriate pay levels. It also involves providing more support for the families in the church. On Sunday everyone received a ‘Personal/Family Finance Worksheet’, (and I have attached a copy of that worksheet to this email). This worksheet is a tool to help you make an assessment of your financial situation and adjust your giving accordingly. We will not be taking pledges from you; we will just wait to see how you respond in your giving. We are trusting God to help us to reach this city of Wyndham for Him and see His kingdom built for His glory!  

The scripture passage that we looked at on Sunday was 2 Corinthians 8:1-15, which describes for us the ‘radical generosity’ of the believers from Macedonia. The amazing account of what they did in their giving should be a great inspiration to us about how we should see our possessions and our giving. Verse 5 expresses the reason why they were able to give even out of their poverty. It says, “They gave themselves first to the Lord…”! Our hope for each member of the body at Suburban, is that we will give ourselves first to the Lord, and then that we will grow a heart for the gospel. We also pray that the demonstration of that heart will be giving consistently, proportionately and generously to the ministry of the church, in order to see the kingdom of God built in this city for His glory! I’ll be praying for you as you consider what He would have you to do! Please call or email if you have any questions.

For the sake of the Gospel!


Love and Blessings,

Pastor Tim


Personal/Family Finance Worksheet