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From Death to Life

19/04/17 - Pastor Young

Easter is always a special time of the year. This year's Easter service afforded us the privilege of taking part in the unity of the church through our combined service with the Melbourne Karen Baptist Church. We were able to worship together, pray together, and break bread together.

Perhaps the most powerful sign of unity was through the baptisms that we bore witness to -- a sign of the grace of God given to us, and unity with Him in Jesus Christ. What a timely reminder it was, expressing the truth of the resurrection of Jesus that moves us from death to life, symbolically reflected in those baptised emerging from the waters! 

Let us rejoice together, therefore, that He is risen -- and He is risen indeed! We now live in Him, no longer living in mortal decay, but in hope of eternal glory. 


Praying that this post-Easter period will be one of reflection on His grace,

Pastor Young