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"Actually, we're fine."

27/04/17 - Pastor Young

Growing up, one of my favourite activities was reading, and my favourite things to read were heroic tales.

The stories of heroes resonated with me and fueled my young imagination, and I fed myself a steady diet of stories of knights in shining armour, powerful wizards, and those they were tasked with saving.

But imagine if those that were being saved didn’t believe they needed saving. 

It seems silly to think about — a dragon wreaking havoc on villages, a lone hero riding in gallantly to battle, and then the villagers protesting by saying, “Actually, we’re fine.” Can you picture it? The hero dismounts from his horse, looks around at the village engulfed in flames, and even the dragon scratches his head in confusion. 

What could possibly be done to help those in need, if they don’t feel they are needy? 

Jesus encounters these types of people in his own hometown, where they see him less as a hero and more as “one of them”. To the people of Nazareth, Jesus is no more than the son of the carpenter that they all know. How could “one of them” be the fulfillment of all hope, and the saviour of the world?

The sting comes from their inability to interpret the scripture that Jesus reads to them, from Isaiah — that which says that God’s plan is to bring good news to those who have no status with God. Could this really be speaking about them? Even the examples of Elijah and Elisha that Jesus quotes show the neediness of the people (the widows and lepers), and the divine plan of God to save them; but those who cannot see themselves as needy cannot be healed.

Perhaps the irony is in the way this may speak on yet a further level; we also are being told that we are in need, as the dragon of sin and death brings destruction upon our village, and rains fire upon our souls. Thanks be to God! Jesus stands at the fiery door, however, and knocks — He is willing to save, if only we will see our lowly position and call for a Saviour.

Join with me in calling out to God, and telling Him how we are in need.

United with you in needful prayer,

Pastor Young