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2018 A Gospel Year!

27/12/2017 - Pastor Tim Loftis

Hi Everyone,

Well, we are now passed the Christmas season and I trust that you all had a blessed time with your family and friends celebrating, giving gifts, eating together and just spending time with each other. Because it is the last week of our series and the last few days of 2017, I will leave you with a few reflection questions. In what way did the Light of the World ‘enlighten’ your Christmas this year? Were there moments in your celebrations where you stopped and marvelled, like the shepherds and the wise men, at the birth of the Son of God? Did you reflect on John’s statement in verse 16 where he reminded us that we have received ‘grace upon grace’? How has the gospel impacted your life in 2017? If you can’t answer some of those questions, don’t be discouraged, there is still time to reflect in the few days we have left in 2017.

John chapter 1, was a great reminder of the reason Jesus came, to save us from our sin through His death on the cross. This is the gospel, the good news which has revolutionised our world! I have to say to you that 2017 was an amazing gospel year for me! You might ask why I would say that after I have known the Lord for over 50 years and have been in gospel ministry for almost 40 years, and it would be a great question. The reason it has been such a great gospel year is because of the renewed understanding and passion that I have for the gospel of grace in my life! Everything in my life relates back to the gospel! When I struggle with my relationship with my wife, I am brought back to the example of Christ giving Himself for His bride the church. When sin rears its ugly head in my life I remember who I am in Christ, repent and get back to living in the grace and righteousness I have been given. When pride raises its head and I think I’m great, the gospel brings me back to the reason Christ had to die in the first place…my sin! I could go on, but I think you get the point that everything comes back to the gospel. I am praying for all of you, that the dynamic of grace will be an even greater renewing force in your life and in our church body in 2018! Will you join me in that prayer for this new year?

Because of the generous gifts of people at my 60th birthday this year, Tammy and I are able to make a trip to Thailand to see our son Chad, his wife Erika and four of our grandchildren over the next three weeks. We leave this Friday and we will return on the 19th of January. We will miss you, but we will anticipate God’s working in us all while we are away. By the way, just a heads up, we are beginning a 5 week preaching series on the book of Esther starting this Sunday. Don’t miss it!


We love you and trust that you will have a blessed start to the New Year!

Pastor Tim

PS. For further reading…I have attached a copy of the 4th week of family devotional readings that I gave out on Sunday. Blessings!

Family Devotional Readings - John 1 - Week 4